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FLDP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Future Leaders Development Program?

沃伦CAT未来领袖发展计划(FLDP)是一个为期6- 7个月的未来领袖培训计划. 参加这个项目的人轮流到pt视讯真人所有的部门和部门,以全面了解公司是如何运作的. At the end of the program, 这取决于参与者的技能和公司的业务需求, participants may be offered a full-time position.

How does the recruiting process work?

Our recruiting process involves three steps, 从网上申请或校园招聘活动开始, 然后是第二次电话面试,最后是顶级候选人在pt视讯真人米德兰总部与Warren CAT高管会面, TX or Oklahoma City, OK. 这为双方提供了一个机会来决定是否适合这个独特的职业机会.

How do I apply for the FLDP?

沃伦·卡特在德克萨斯州和俄克拉荷马州的大学校园里招募pt视讯真人人. You may send your cover letter and resume to leadership@swimlouisville.com. 在线申请需要在pt视讯真人的职业网站上完成 warrencareers.com. Application deadline is December 15th. 然而,根据业务需求,spring应用程序可以被接受.

Which Warren CAT division will I be working with?

The FLDP is a companywide program. Candidates are recruited to participate in the program, 不是为了立即在一个特定的职位或业务单位. pt视讯真人的目标是培养具有广泛核心业务工作能力的高潜力的未来领导者.

Does the FLDP hire international students?


What is the length of the program?

The program generally lasts 6- to 7-months.

The FLDP requires geographic mobility. What does this mean and how will moving expenses be handled?

FLDP在pt视讯真人的经销商区域内提供工作轮换. Travel is required to experience some of our rotations. Job placement locations vary,最后的决定是根据企业的需要和每个人的发展机会做出的. 如果需要搬家,沃伦CAT会提供搬迁帮助.

What departments will I see during my job rotations?

沃伦CAT有几个部门和部门一起工作,使pt视讯真人的组织成为经销商的选择. During the program, you will be exposed to the following departments: Parts, Machine Shop Service, Machine Field Service, Engine Shop Service, Engine Field Service, Truck Service, Truck Sales, Power Systems Division Fabrication, Machine Rental, Power Rental, Machine Sales, Machine Product Support, Used Equipment, Warranty, Machine Support Services, Corporate Services, and Sitech Technology. 这些轮岗会提高学员的领导技能,并帮助学员了解公司业务的各个方面.


Each participant will be evaluated by the Program Manager, 人力资源和其他经理在组织中确定一个与参与者的知识相匹配的领域, skills, abilities and career goals, and that also fulfills a Warren CAT need. Previous participants have pursued careers in Parts, Sales, Logistics, Marketing, Business Relationships, Warren CAT的客户关系和其他运营领域.

What is the “typical” career path for a graduate of the FLDP?

每个毕业生的职业道路都与他们的同龄人不同. 沃伦CAT致力于留住行业的顶尖人才,毕业生可能会在几个不同的部门工作, and multiple locations throughout their careers.

What benefits does Warren CAT offer?

Warren CAT offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health, vision and dental insurance; a 401(k) savings plan; paid vacations and holidays; and much more.

What are the expectations of the FLDP participants?

Like all employees, 参加者须保持最高标准的个人及专业操守, a strong ethical code and professionalism at all times. 参加者必须利用每一个机会来了解重型设备行业的各个方面. They will attend meetings and trainings, complete special projects, assist with events, offer honest feedback, 对反馈持开放态度,并与组织内的领导建立关系.

How will my performance be evaluated?

每个轮调任务的主管都对参与者进行评估. 绩效由两个方面来衡量:实现了什么(结果)和如何实现这些结果(领导). 参加者还从自由与发展计划的工作人员和其他导师那里得到反馈.

What are the requirements for admission?

申请该项目的人必须是大学毕业,具有学士学位,至少3.0 GPA and willing to relocate within our dealership territory. Travel is required to complete the program.

Where are Warren CAT facilities located?

In Texas: 米德兰,敖德萨,卢伯克,圣安吉洛,阿比林,威奇托瀑布,阿马里洛,达尔哈特
In Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Elk City, Enid, Ardmore, Poteau, Guymon